He must increase

To The King Who is Worthy


“Lord, if You are so Immense, so Vast and Immeasurable, then why am I not able to publish You like You deserve?”

I had reached a plateau.  I needed more as a worshiper.   I had years of experience as a worship leader, but my ability to proclaim God in His Richness, His Glory, His Brilliance, and His Majesty, lacked ease.

I was able to say what most worship leaders say:  You are “Holy, Awesome, King of kings, Lord of lords”.  Sometimes, I could remember a few more words to praise Him – “Beautiful, Able, Faithful, Wonderful, Healer, Deliverer…..”  And every now and then, I was more fluid with my proclaiming Him:  “Omnipotent, Supreme, Majestic…l”.  But I struggled; I desired to publish His Mighty Name so that I didn’t struggle with what to say.

I wasn’t content.  I knew there had to be more; that there had to be a way to proclaim Him, publish Him with fluidity – with ease, speaking in an ‘overflow’ of Who this Astounding God is.  And then, I had a brainstorm…..

The Heavenly Father has a special relationship with worshipers;  Imagine adding multiplied depth and richness to your already beautiful worship experience, and being instructed by The Holy Spirit in the process!  Developing a greater ‘worship reservoir’ is the key to going deeper!  I know – it’s what I did, and God used it to give me endurance and victory in my circumstances.

In To The King Who is Worthy, I show you how God led me to a greater worship experience resulting in depth, revival and triumph through what I call Ascribe WorshipOrder my 18 page eBook (to the point and practical) today, and find out how you can greatly broaden your ability to worship and proclaim our Great God!  (This eBook also has a helpful appendix of 30 additional pages)



Are you in awe?  Is it a stretch to say that if we’re not in awe, it’s difficult (or maybe impossible) to truly worship God The Father?

Many of us, though we would really like to proclaim The Heavenly Father with ease, have never really considered how to accomplish this do-able task.   I call it the ‘worship reservoir‘ of a person (the amount of worship content in your personal spiritual ‘container’);  I can recall the time that I could think of only 12-15 characteristics of our Heavenly Father (this is a small ‘worship reservoir’).  This all changed when I became ambitious to proclaim God in worship without grasping for what to say.  How would you like the ability to proclaim God in His rich Attributes for 10 – 15 minutes (or longer) without stopping – with or without music?  Is this something that would interest you?

To The King Who is Worthy will give you practical tools to develop a robust, rich and deep worship experience.  This is great information for any christian, but a MUST for every worship leader who wants a deeper and richer worship experience of our Incredible Redeemer, Master and King!  (Be sure to Subscribe for Newsletter and Updates!)





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