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The Worship Leader


“Just make a song list like I do, and be here on time, and everything should be okay!”  Those were the words of my pastor, many years ago before he left for a trip and left the worship leadership to me.  [My first time leading was pretty disastrous 🙁 ] But you don’t have to stumble along with general advice like I was given (and I love Pastor Randy still).  Before I led worship that first time, I wish I had The Worship Leader.  I wrote it so that you have access to some of the most practical advice – for leading a worship team – in printed form.   Simplify the seemingly complicated.  (48 page eBook)


 What songs do I choose?  How do I choose songs?  What can I expect from people in the congregation?  How can I serve them best?  What does my pastor expect of me?  What does a healthy worship team look like?  What snares does satan lay out for worship leaders?  What are the 3 people types when dealing with confrontation?

On and on the questions go.  Worship leaders need solid, sound, practical advice.  The Worship Leader covers these topics – and more.   Don’t be without this valuable guide to help you navigate the variety of situations that you’ll encounter.  Let Charlie help you to build your confidence and competence to lead the people you serve to a greater worship experience!  (Be sure to Subscribe for Newsletter and Updates!)






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