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Peace, the one thing that every human longs for, but few actually learn how to access it.  Though it’s cost is not reflected in dollars or cents, it is invaluable.   How does someone access peace, especially in the extremely turbulent times that we live in?

I will come back to that question, but first I want to tell you a little about myself.

My name is Charlie; I am a musician with a background of rock music.  My musicianship allowed me to tour with the christian band WISDOM.

Four guys playing music

For me, life has come in two general stages: the first was when I learned that the religious upbringing that I had, failed to contribute to my strength spiritually. I learned this when I succumbed to lusts that I should have been able to overcome. 

I hadn’t learned that only the knowledge of The Word of God was able to provide the spiritual strength that I needed to overcome the spiritual whirlpool that threatened to whisk me away into destruction.  The experience left me with guilt and fear because I knew that I was removed from God.  I also experienced anxiety and depression – a depression that threatened my life.

The second stage happened after I became a true believer, and gained a stronger foothold spiritually. But over time, I found myself feeling as though I had reached a ceiling, a plateau in my journey – due to my inability to Proclaim/Worship God in a much broader and fuller context (after I had served on and led several worship teams).  After all, He is Immense, Immeasurable, Very Big, yes!?   

[By the way, since I will speak of worship for the next few minutes, allow me provide a definition for it here – worship: the prayer time set aside specifically to adore, reverence and cherish God the Father – by an individual whose life is in submission to, sanctified, and in humility to The Creator and Lord, Jehovah God.]

So, it was during this time that I prayed:

“God, if You are So Immense, So Vast, then why can’t I worship You with ease, and with Glorious Words that Describe You in Your Great Splendor and Majesty?”

I was no longer content to worship in what had become a routine for me – words and phrasings that I had  repeated time after time  through the years.  (I call them “default” praises; you know the ones – “Holy, Worthy, Awesome, Praise Him church”, etc.)

u;nrest in the city
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I wanted, longed for, and greatly desired, a new and fresh ability to worship Him in a broad and effortless way – with  competence, consistency, and proficiency. 

Let me pause this for a moment; you might ask – “why is worship so important?”  And that is a great question.  Let me briefly answer it; circle back with me to my first thought about ‘peace’. 

You see, we as humans have always had trouble in some form.  (In particular, right now, it feels sometimes that our world will actually completely un-ravel, doesn’t it?) 

Have you ever thought how in God’s environment – the space near Him – there is no lack?  There is no chaos, no confusion, no fear, no dread, no insecurtiy………………..

So if that is True, why wouldn’t I want to daily find Him in worship, get in His Space, His Environment – escaping into His Presence to experience —– this invaluable peace! 

Surely the closer that I get to Him, the less chaotic my inner person becomes……

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Okay, now back to my story of asking God:  “God, if You are So Immense, So Vast, then why can’t I worship You with ease….?”

Well, God heard my prayer!  and began to change how I worship! – with a very simple and understandable method.  (And it’s why I created WaterfallWorship.com and consistently create content about worship.)

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED – I had this thought to begin writing down Attributes and Characteristics of God.  My first list was 70 – I thought that was pretty good.  But the next day, I just kept thinking of more, and the list grew to 150.  

I started to wonder how my daily worship (in my prayer time) would be impacted if I began worshiping The Father by these Attributes that I had written down.  So, I began with a simple system to make remembering easy….

…that was several years ago – (now, I have over 400 recorded in my e-book).  It’s not possible to describe the results that I have had – so very encouraging, invigorating, and exciting.  I developed more strength, more confidence and boldness, and refreshing in His Presence – during one of the most trying times of my life!

nature waterfall
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During my new worship experiences, God began to teach me things about Him that I hadn’t considered – and to drive my knowledge of Him into unexplored depths.  I began to worship with a confidence and competence that I had longed for, and to grow closer to The Father through these daily experiences. 

When, after a year or two of worshiping this way,  I began to experience personal revival, I knew that I must share this method and insight with others – others who want to worship effortlessly – able to worship God in His many Incredible Attributes.

 (Psalm 29:2 says “Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness!” [NIV] So I call this method Ascribe Worship.  [Ascribe means “to attribute or credit to”])

What about you?  Have you ever wondered if it was possible to transform your worship experience into one with much greater depth, quality, and richness – while providing a strong example to those who might experience your worship? 

Let me briefly show you what Ascribe Worship looks like: 

   God, You are Able, The One and Only Beauty, Conqueror, Commander, Deserving of all Worship, Invigorating, Enthralling, Abundance, Incomprehensible, Inconceivable, Unimaginable,  (but Actual), You are Incomparable, Unhindered, Unavoidable, Supreme, Majestic, Splendourous, Brilliant, Triumphant, Victorious, Chief of chiefs, Leader of leaders…….

I could go on and on.  And just so you know, I was typing these off the top of my head – this is my new container (I call it a ‘Reservoir’), my new ‘Worship Vocabulary’ – a small part of it!).  This beautiful ability is my daily routine; I hope you can connect with how much of a blessing it has become in my very regular life. 

I have no doubt that you’ve heard people list off Characteristics and Attributes of God; the videos that I’ve seen are of people reading them off.  I know of no method that teaches a worshiper to do what I just did – list 100, 200 or MORE – ALL FROM MEMORY!!

(I have had friends truly inspired by this method of worship, when they were next to me in church.  Other friends are inspired by a verbalized Attribute (s) that they never thought of before.  [I hope this doesn’t come across as me bragging about it- I only say this because I want you to see the value that Ascribe Worship has – to me and to others!]). 

 If you’re a worship leader, Ascribe Worship is a tremendous example that the congregation can easily follow and engage in – in their personal worship time at home.  What Worship Leader wouldn’t want to be this type of example to the congregation that they serve?  (One of the beautiful things about this is that a worship leader will find him/herself praying less or giving less testimonies between songs, because they have this ability to simply worship by proclaiming God in His Amazing and Beautiful Attributes – not that praying or testimonies can’t be continued, right?)   

So, I am so excited to share with you a transformation opportunity, an experience that will forever alter how you worship, a change in how you perceive The Father, and a change in the depth of your understanding of God in His Powerful Attributes.  (In His Attributes, I am constantly reminded of His Great Promises to us – His Beloved Children).

And this website – devoted to the heart of worship – is dedicated to growing a person’s ‘reservoir’ capacity (see fun activity below to understand better what your reservoir is and to find out how big your ‘reservoir’ is). 

This question that I asked (“God, if You’re so Immense, why can’t I worship You…”) began my journey – to increase my ‘worship reservoir’ – in a multiplied way.  What keeps you from beginning your journey today?

This great shift in my thinking about worship happened when WISDOM (the rock band I was in), was meeting with a major record company. A simple comment one of the execs made about worship changed my whole view  – actually changed my life!

[–If you would like to learn more of my story, just click here for a free download–].

Worship is a ‘fast track’ to The Heart of God, and of the several prayer forms (Confession, Petition, Intercession, Thanksgiving), stands alone.  It stands alone this way –  by nature, worship isn’t worship if it doesn’t have a heart of submission, and desire to perform only those things that gladden The Great Heart of our Heavenly Father.  Other prayer forms can exist without these two qualities (I am not saying this is healthy, only saying that it’s possible)

Worship is key to enduring and overcoming in the life and death battle that we find ourselves in. Paul said in II Tim 3 that in the last days, perilous (dangerous) times will come.  That people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,  unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,  having a form of godliness but denying its power.

We live in a critical time, and I believe that the worship leader holds keys that are unique – in our culture and in the Body of Christ. (Remember that in Old Testament times, it was not uncommon for the worshipers to lead the battle charge! See 2 Chronicles 20:21,22 ).  satan and the demonic is doing all it can to hinder, obstruct, defame, and strip worship leaders of confidence and boldness.  (By the way, my friend Al asked me why ‘satan’ isn’t capitalized [in the previous sentence].  I explained to him that this is not a typo – I NEVER capitalize his name!!  Conversely, I always capitalize The Father’s Names, or adjectives!!)

In my blog posts (and e-books), I cover topics like:

  • The Power of Praise and Worship
  • What does Worship Mean?
  • Songs for Worship and Praise

  • Worship Songs about The Word of God

  • Worship vs Praise

  • How to be a worship leader
  • Traditional vs Contemporary Worship

  • Why is Confidence important in a leader

  • How to learn to be very prolific in worship – to worship freely – like a waterfall!

Check out my story of how I transformed from rock musician to worship leader – how God lead me step by step to understand the powerful conduit of worship (Click ‘More Info’ for a free download).   

Find out just how deep your worship reservoir is..........

How Deep is Your Worship Reservoir?

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Are you in awe? Learn how you too can proclaim and publish The Heavenly Father in His Wondrous Attributes for 8-10 minutes (and more!) at a time - with ease - with Ascribe Worship.

The Worship Leader (48 page eBook). This book is full of practical and sound advice

Almost every day, I worship.  But I have an admission to make – there are days that I do not worship.  Why, you ask?  It’s not because I am being lazy, but it’s because I begin to realize that I’m not IN AWE.   What do I mean?

Well, let me ask you a question:  What kind of quality can I expect my worship to have if I am NOT in awe of our Creator and Powerful Majestic Heavenly Father?  I think only when we are in awe of Him – really in awe – can we have a worship experience with depth.  

So, look for “IN AWE” videos listed in my blog post area.  These videos – you will find as I do – will help you to become more in awe of God.  It has high quality content that helps me to re-align my perception of God during the times that my worship begins to lose the quality that it should have.

Then check out my other blog posts:  Songs for Worship and Praise.  Also, take a look at The Bible Says That? to see scriptures that you may not realize are in your bible.  (Did you know, for example, that lucifer is a musician? Did you know that the Bible gives God’s dimensions? Did you know that hell wasn’t made for mankind, but instead was ‘enlarged’ to receive those who die in rebellion to God?). 

Thanks for stopping by.  Take a little time to look around – and please share with your friends, family, Pastor, and worship leader!

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